The Ficker Cup

The Ficker Cup Match Race was established by Long Beach Yacht Club to honor Bill Ficker, world class Star champion in the 50s and winner of the 1970 America’s Cup as skipper of the 12-meter class yacht Intrepid.

During Intrepid’s 1970 America’s Cup campaign, the phrase “Ficker is quicker” was coined --- later changed to “Ficker was quicker” when he beat Gretel II to win the cup. Bill also was the winner of the Congressional Cup in 1974.

Ficker Cup is a World Tour WS grade 2 qualifier event for Congressional Cup. The top two skippers from this event will receive the final two invitations to the event for the 2017 World Match Race Tour, Congressional Cup, hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club.

Scott Dickson, representing Long Beach Yacht Club, going on to win the prestigious Ficker Cup trophy, and a spot in next week’s Congressional Cup regatta. As first runner up Storrs also advanced to Congressional Cup, which runs March 28 to April 2.
Scott Dickson
United States of America
WS Ranking: 262

Team: Dickson Racing Team

David Storrs
United States of America
WS Ranking: 22

Team: Pequot Racing Team