Taylor Canfield and his USOne Sailing Team triumphed in the Congressional Cup regatta, Stage Two of the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT). After five days of “unbelievable match racing” – Canfield becomes the first skipper to win three Crimson Blazers back-to-back, in the 52-year history of the legendary regatta.
This year’s Congressional Cup has been plagued by rain, and light, shifty breezes: uncommon in the 52-year history of the event. After an exciting day of racing Sehested stayed strong, advancing to semis with Canfield, Dickson & Gilmour.
 DAY 3
Frontrunner Robertson admitted today’s racing embraced, “the most hectic pre-start ever, with four hoists and 10 circles,” against Hansen. He will race against Gilmour; while Dickson will be paired with Steele; who confessed to a “very tough day” adding, “we’re surprised to still be sitting in second place.”
 DAY 2
On the first leg of his match against Steele, Sehested rounded the top mark eight boat lengths ahead ... but in the fallow breeze, that eight boat lengths equated to 42 seconds. And by the time Sehested was on his second lap, that advantage had grown to nearly eight minutes.

Reining World Champion Ian Williams’ bark was seemingly worse than his bite, as he wrapped up 0-5; while Nicolai Sehested, racing in his first Congressional Cup, was the alpha dog of the day: undefeated at 5-0. Waka Racing’s Phil Robertson was nipping at his ankles, at 4-1. Chris Steele finished 4-1 also.

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